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Increase your impact by partnering with your local community and speak up for the scale of change we need.

Our response to the climate emergency can’t stop with just our own actions: this huge crisis will only be addressed if we keep up the pressure for action at every level. When it comes to influencing decision-makers, churches and Christian organisations have a powerful voice. Not only are we involved in and committed to our local communities, our membership also represents the full breadth and diversity of society.

By connecting with others locally, and using our influence in every direction, we can stand together to bring meaningful, lasting change at the scale this emergency requires.



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‘In 2018 my friend Mel and I decided to start Taunton Green Parents [and] the group’s membership exploded: people were just waiting to find others who cared too. Within just a few months we met our MP, found other groups who were working on climate change and together were able to support Taunton council in declaring a climate emergency.’

Laura Glass
Taunton Green Parents

Download the full toolkit

About the Impact step

Climate change will only be addressed effectively by action at every level, from international bodies to national governments, local bodies and all the way down to individuals. To see this scale of change, we need as many voices, talents and experiences with us: everyone taking action where they are, in their workplaces, schools, communities and constituencies.


In this crucial step of the Toolkit, work with your team to discover how each member of your church or organisation can use their influence:


As a church, you can influence leaders and decision-makers, people with power, to make significant change.

Consider how you can support those in your church to champion climate action where they already are, and encourage the church to pray regularly for them as they do.

As a church, commit to praying regularly for Christians around the world who are caring for God’s creation in inspiring ways and consider how your church and individual giving can support the work too.

There are likely to be many local community groups advocating for climate action in your area, and even groups in other local churches who would love to connect with you and work together.

Download the full toolkit for more details on each step and the tools you’ll need along the way.

Child in flooded area in the Philippines (Mathias Eick EU/ECHO)

‘Climate change directly threatens the lives of millions of people. If your church is serious about loving people, it has to be serious about climate change.’

Dr Tim Gordon
Marine biologist and Honorary Research Fellow, University of Exeter

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