As the climate crisis accelerates, millions of lives are at risk. Christians around the world are taking urgent action.
Will you join us?

​​Step by step, the Climate Emergency Toolkit guides your church or Christian organisation through simple but powerful actions that have an impact far beyond your own walls or community.

The path to action


Prepare by starting the conversation about the climate emergency and beginning to plan your response

Conversation is crucial. Take your church or organisation on a journey that helps them see responding to the climate emergency as part of their discipleship and worship. Make space for people to learn more, ask questions and share their reactions to climate change.


Declare or recognise an emergency in a way that engages your community and amplifies the need for leaders everywhere to act

Make a clear, public and formal statement that your church or organisation understands the urgency of climate change and will not be silent in the face of injustice. 


The Climate Emergency Toolkit has been put together in collaboration with several organisations, as well as activists and church leaders.

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Impact widely by partnering with your local community and speak up for change together

When it comes to influencing decision-makers, churches and Christian organisations have a powerful voice. By connecting with others locally, and using our influence in every direction, we can stand together to bring meaningful, lasting change at the scale this emergency requires.


See the UK churches that have declared or recognised the climate emergency on our declaration map